Among our internal policies, Ethics is at the forefront, especially because we are largely involved with Military Organizations that use Public Funds.

Applying the principles of accountability, accuracy, honesty, impartiality, integrity, openness, reliability and transparency, we constantly pursue:

  • proposition of the most cost-effective logistic solutions;
  • continuous research for savings opportunities;
  • vigilant safeguard against loss or service interruption;
  • scrupulous cyber and physical preservation of Customer’s information and data;
  • high respect for confidentiality of Customers’ and commercial partners’ information and sensible data;
  • active contribution in achieving the operational results and objectives established by Customers, in full compliance with contractual requirements;
  • constant maintenance of the highest possible quality standards;
  • avoiding any unprofessional or excessive familiarity with public counterparts.

Fraudulent, corrupt and/or collusive practices are contrary to SCA’s core values. We have zero tolerance for such practices because we recognize the adverse effects that they could have on our activities and operations as well as on the activities and operations of our Customers. We have a strong Fraud Prevention Policy in place, in order to prevent from those eventualities and to take robust actions in case they are found to occur.

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