Who we are

S.C.A. UK, established in 2000, was born out of a group of companies and professionals with specific naval-military port service experience, including logistic & supply experience, dating back to 1955.

Over 10000 military port calls in over 450 ports worldwide, for an average duration of 4 days in port, have been prepared, set up and carried out in a meticulous and efficient way, always keeping customer satisfaction and the highest industry standards at the forefront for the entrusted tasks.

Although port services, logistics & supplies directed at military and Coastguard vessels are, and remain, our core business, we have successfully ventured into, and are prepared for, managing all-comprehensive services for military inland operations and exercises, Humanitarian missions, logistics & remote life support and a number of other related OOTW missions.

We also daily supply Marine Fuel (MGO) and Lube Oil to over 30 different navies across the world. Only working with the best suppliers, S.C.A. offers flexibility and high proficiency solutions in bunker operations.
Since 2014, we organize, manage and set-up ground handling services, jet fuel up-lifts and logistic support for military aircrafts.

S.C.A. personnel and representatives are highly dedicated and motivated professionals who, either as a single multi-tasking unit, or acting as teams, aim for excellence in a highly demanding military environment allowing no margin for error as customer satisfaction is considered of paramount importance.

S.C.A. means personal business and high-quality services in the shipping and logistic military industry.

This is our background, who we are and what we do best.

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