Fuel Supply

Coordinated by our Operational offices, we have extensive capability of arranging and supplying naval and aviation fuel, as well as lubricating and hydraulic oils, in all main and most remote ports and airports worldwide.

Years of experience have enabled us to become experts in supplying fuel to military Ships as well as military aircrafts. We are able to deliver marine fuel (MGO/F­76) or aviation fuel (Jet A1/JP5) wherever and whenever required.

We fully understand military operational logistic requirements and their innate characteristic subject to possible changes of schedule and we are therefore geared towards providing SPECS and pricing on very short notice.

During the last 10 years we have arranged over 3000 fuel supplies in all Continents, in port or at anchor, and with all methods of delivery.

Our approved and accredited suppliers’ network is made up of reputable and reliable physical suppliers able to deliver worldwide both in port and at anchor.

aviation fuel - Fuel & Lube Oil Supply
Liaise with the local supplier - Fuel & Lube Oil Supply
Provide different supply options - Fuel & Lube Oil Supply
Provide with the relevant Bunker Delivery Receipt - Fuel & Lube Oil Supply

Among the services S.C.A. is able to provide:

  • Provide a quotation within the same day and in the required currency and unit of measure i.e. MT/CBM/Lt
  • Provide fuel specifications and samples
  • Highlight the relevant Terms and Conditions per Country/Port/Airport
  • Provide different supply options i.e. ex-truck, ex-barge, ex-pipeline, offshore by tanker or SBM
  • Liaise with the local supplier and coordinate of supply on the day
  • Provide with the relevant Bunker Delivery Receipt (BDR) on completion of the refueling
  • Arrange all financial and accounting requirements on behalf of our Customer
  • Health, Safety, Security & Environmental support