Military Husbanding

We, at S.C.A., are well aware of the fact that customer satisfaction is of paramount importance and a major challenge that demands focus on different priorities, equally important, on board a Ship or within a Navy organization.

A Ship in port or at anchor fully deserves the best services and supplies available in order to carry out a successful and unhindered port visit; in the same way Navy Supply Organizations and Contracting Offices need these services and supplies to be provided for at fair and reasonable cost through competitive pricing and, when present, within contractually agreed and set terms.

Customer Satisfaction is obtained by a continuous and qualified physical presence at pier as well as in any other location where the services are going to be performed or where the supplies are going to be delivered. Our constant watch-on-site plays a crucial role in ensuring contractual compliance and in avoiding those typical issues of time, quality and quantity that often occur during the complex phases of a port visit.

Customer satisfaction is also obtained by continuously monitoring the cost-benefit balance of services and supplies and acting proactively in merit as Navy personnel and offices are to be assisted in conformance with the Industry's highest standard of quality during a port visit.

We, at S.C.A., pride ourselves in having instilled throughout our organization, at operational and Ship boarding level, a hands-on and can-do mentality aimed at obtaining complete customer satisfaction.

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Among the services S.C.A. is able to provide:

  • Pilotage, Towages, Linehandling arrangements
  • Pier fendering
  • Ships' breasting
  • Fresh and Potable water supply
  • Gangways supply & placing/removal
  • Phone & Internet devices hire
  • Garbage removal/disposal svc
  • Special Refuses removal/disposal svc
  • Hazardous and Medical waste disposal
  • Sewage removal/disposal svc
  • Oily waters removal/disposal svc
  • Water taxi
  • Crane svc
  • Forklift and stacker svc
  • Car and Vehicles rental
  • Provisions and technical items supply
  • Cold and frozen products storage
  • Fuel & Luboil supply
  • Repairs
  • Billeting svc
  • Crew Repatriations
  • Customs brokerage
  • Incoming/outgoing material delivery & coordination
  • Special events organization
  • Force Protection arrangement
  • Diving inspections