Food Supply

“A home away from home”

As part of our logistic support to our customers we also assist, arrange and coordinate the supply of Fresh Food & Vegetables (FF&V), frozen food product, dry stores and meals to all Ships in all ports and remote inland locations.

With the aim of always improving quality S.C.A. has implemented a certified Food Safety Management System in full compliance with ISO 22000:2018 international management standards.

We clearly understand the utmost value of food as regards to the health, safety and welfare, of all crewmembers on board and therefore we only use approved and certified Suppliers who, in turn, supply quality products purchased from approved sources only.

Our commitment is always to purchase and supply food items that are free from food-borne hazards at the time of consumption. Since food safety hazards can occur at any stage of the food chain, it is fundamental for adequate control to be in place and that all involved layers are aware and coordinated in achieving the goal. These precautions and concerns not only cover the mere supply of foodstuffs, but also extend to the provision of catering services, whether conveyed or carried out at the customer’s premises.

In addition to food supply, we globally supply skilled and experienced personnel who deliver quality catering, housekeeping, hospitality and cleaning solutions services offshore and onshore. Essentially, we do whatever it takes to create a comfortable place for your people to work, eat and sleep. Our clients and customers rely on us to provide uninterrupted support, however challenging the conditions.

Our menus are designed to respect all palates, incorporating religious and dietary observations. Tailored to our clients' preference, our menus are varied, balanced and cater for the diverse requirements of a multi-national workforce. Our trained Chefs exert passion and enthusiasm across the offshore catering service. Dietetically reviewed menus using high quality ingredients ensure your teams can maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet during the time away from home.

Our catering services are enjoyed by crews on various asset types, such as prospection, diving, support, & pipe-laying vessels, accommodation barges, drilling rigs, submersible and semisubmersible platforms & drilling units, as well as during onshore activities and military operation exercises or humanitarian mission. Thanks to our experienced personnel, we have a deep understanding of the industry and the expectations and requirements of the clientele we serve. We deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective services in key locations worldwide, supporting our clients with their operational objectives.

With a comprehensive, innovative and holistic approach to health and wellbeing, we aim to deliver unique solutions. We pride ourselves on ensuring the customer experience is an enjoyable and memorable one.

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